Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Woodland Fairy

I made this little costume for the Fairy Tale Ball in Benicia back in the day. My paniers were so big that I had to be taken over to the ball.........not in a coach, not in a large pumpkin drawn by cute mice, but in a pickup truck.

The panniers themselves are hard to see, but they are basically willow branches wired together and wrapped in plastic ivy and flower garlands. Then I dyed and distressed muslin gauze to be draped over the panniers. The gauze skirt is embellished with pearls, paper mache snails and red mushrooms. I then took that idea and with the same materials made myself a mushroom and ivy flowered headdress fit for a fairy queen who had just climbed up out from under a rock. My M.O., I'm afraid :)

The corset was made from gold lame backed with black cotton and fully lined and boned in the 18Th century style. The front, along the boning seams was hand beaded with teeny little mica beads.

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Bex said...

WOW i love this dress its lovelly dont know where u got ur inspiration from, its truely fit for a fairy queen, did u make it all urself?? if so then an extra well done its lovelly