Saturday, September 22, 2007

Period Impressions Polonaise

I could be wrong, but I'll bet that this is the most popular pattern that Period Impressions (#420) puts out. I have seen it on so many bodies in so many ways and it always looks wonderful! This is a very easy pattern to throw together if you have good sewing skills. And even if you dont, I would say that you could figure it out. Here, I have made it out of a cotton print - very simple and sweet for daywear. Perfect for those 18th century picnics.

For a 4th of July window display, I made this out of red and white check plastic picnic table fabric in almost 2 hours. (trim and all!)I placed a needle and thread with a drop of blood at the heart area to symbolize how disheartened Betsy Ross would probably be if she were to see the state of affairs in this country today. Of course, this is JUST my opinion and only shared by millions.

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Unknown said...


I am interested in making an 18th century gown using this pattern. Your gown is lovley, however I have a question about the pattern. On image 1 and 3 of your dress there appears to be some sort of pull of fabric toward the back of the dress. Is this a flaw in the pattern, or is it because you have pinned it at the back for a slender manniquin?
Thank you