Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some Of My Favorite Wedding Projects

Over the years, Ive been honored and blessed to be part of some very unique and wonderful weddings. This is a sampling of the joining of individuals, families, and friends  for marriage commitment ceremonies. You can click on the photo if the image looks cut off . My brides do what they want within the confines of their budgets. I wish I had better photos of some of my projects, but I'm sure you get what we all achieve here when we put our minds and creative souls together. 
Much Love.

Samantha and Oscar

                          Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Loretta Bohlman

                         Bianca with her mom, Marsha

Karen and Brian

Tasha and Brent

Autumn and Kimric

 Ariella Afaloh  (a collaboration with Black Lotus Clothing)

Lynne and Erling

Ka Katherine June Amorastreya  (wedding jacket collaboration with Black Lotus Clothing )


Alexandra Borawski said...

Hello, i am completly in love with the 2009 Ariellah dress! I just got engaged and I have been trying to track down this dress for years any info you might have would be amazing! No other dress nearly compares to that one for me. Please let me know!

Kathleen Crowley said...

Hi Alexandra! Thank you for the lovely compliment! The Ariellah dress was a project designed and constructed by Christina Molcillo of Black Lotus Clothing and myself! Its a custom gown and I would be happy to talk further about making a similar one for you. We built it from scratch - fully lined with a lightly boned bodice. It has fairly simple lines, but of course, I always give everything a little extra something. In this case, we had a lot of flair in the skirt. The black lace was all cut out by hand and hand sewn to a white gown. You can contact me at or Thanks for checking out my blog!