Monday, April 29, 2013

Range Of Motion Dilemmas In The Life Of An Acrobat

At this moment in time, I am working on making a Ring Master's Jacket for an acrobat in 2 Ring Circus.  He has a great looking jacket already, but the arms keep blowing out. And you can see why.

No range of motion in the cut.
Well, my instincts are saying that he needs some kind of grown on gusset for the sleeve. And this is leading me down the path of researching shooter jackets and things that most people don't make or wear anymore. And then it leads me to join forums like the Cutter and Tailor because this just isn't information that you get easily in this modern day and age of boring clothing that doesn't move. So while this is a costume, it also has to have vintage appeal, has to look good, hold up under stress, and he has to be able to lift a person over his head. And it is spurring me on to be better educated in the tailoring process. Technique is sadly lacking in garments these days..

And Tribal Fest - Oh Tribal Fest! I am also making some new merchandise to peddle at Tribal Fest next month. I'll have my cute little vests and Sampants - and a new skirt. We'll see what else I can come up with - the pile of fabric is huge, but time is slipping away.................

I'm also making a sweet little wedding dress. Oh, it is so sweet! I'll be blogging about that soon - and more pictures of the Ring Master's Jacket will be posted.

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