Friday, January 4, 2013

Shenae Grimes as Frankie Stein

Right before Halloween, when we were in the midst of getting some costumes ready for an off-Broadway Christmas show, Chris March was approached by Mattel to create a Monster High Frankie Stein costume for Shenae Grimes. Well, he couldn't say no - because: HOW FUN!

So he commissioned me to make her little corset. I couldn't say no - because HOW FUN! And it all turned out so very cute! Everyone was pleased, it was a winner in US Magazine's online Halloween Costume poll, Chris got a lot of attention, Shenae got a lot of attention, the costume and some of the people involved got a lot of attention, and the project was deemed a success.

Although I am not a doll person per se,  I LOVE these dolls! What a great project to be able to say I was involved in!

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