Saturday, January 7, 2012

Now that Ive had time to step back and adapt to this stupid economy, Ive started to get inspired again. Im inspired to make myself a new wardrobe is what Im inspired to do! I would like one of each of these dresses to wear to work and then I would like one of each in black for all those cocktail parties that I'll go to again one day.

Its a new year and it could happen. 

So today, instead of what I was supposed to be doing, I pulled all of my boxes and containers of patterns out of storage and put them up in my studio where I can  see them. I dont think they are exactly great to look at, but they are my library and where I find a lot of my inspiration.

This is maybe a third of them. I'll have to start weeding through them and maybe selling the ones that I dont like any longer.

Collecting patterns has been invaluable to me since I am not a professional pattern maker. I can take an existing pattern piece and tweak it and grade it, but to start from scratch is a nightmare for me. Whatever works, right?

Sometimes I just like the line of a design for the most part, but would make changes - like I would narrow down this sleeve a bit. Its perfect for a Steampunk overcoat!


Sufiya said...

Ah so one CAN comment on this blog! It took so LONG for the window to come up, I thought the feature had been disabled!

Hi, Kathleen! >waves< GREAT BLOG. Finall one after my own heart! i sent you a 'fan letter" since i though I wasn't able to 'comment!

Sufiya said...

I really like your site! Much more "my" style that any other I have seen yet!