Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Floorcloth

Finally I am finding my old photos of some of my work from 5 years ago and beyond!

Oakville Grocery Promotional Grand Opening Gig '06

 Back in the day, when businesses still went all out for Grand Openings and such stuff, I got hired on to create a few over the top projects. I LOVED doing this kind of thing. It was a challenge and always fun!

 Unfortunately, this business went under some time  after it opened, but the location is dear to my heart. I spent many an afternoon in the Cannery as a child and teenager. In fact, the whole wharf area was a always a big draw for me. Teeming with life:  pungent smells, delicious food, beaches, seagulls, boats, Alcatraz, exotic dialects, interesting people walking around  from all walks of life - from all over the globe, tacky souvenirs and tourist was more than my youth could desire. So I came here with my family as a child and escaped to this place when I could as a teenager with my BFF's. It was fitting that I make some kind of over the top display to make my mark.

 To construct this kind of monstrosity, one has to have the whole circumference of the floor plan. I was lucky in that someone walked the courtyard for me and took great measurements. I figured out the yardage almost down to the inch There wasn't a lot of leftover. But because I always get a bit extra, there was enough to make a dress. which I did for a shop window display.

 You have to figure out what you can sew together and what will have to be taped or glued together. I didn't want anyone tripping so I sewed a lot of this t and then rolled it up as I went along. The big long lengths of picnic table fabric were then laid out and taped down. We used a lot of double sided carpet tape for this.And Discount Fabrics gave me a great deal because I ordered mega yards of this red and white stuff..
And by "WE", I mean my friends who I bribed to help me with this (and who never let me forget it) and the people who hired me to carry out the concept. Everyone chipped in on this group effort and you know who your real friends are when they actually show up. If  you read this and want to be linked - please give me a shout! Special thanks to Chris March (who referred me),  Matthew James and Steven LeMay of Retrofit.  I want to give you all credit where credit is due: you guys kicked ass and have been my pillars of strength on numerous occasions!!!

 As you can see, We had some trees, planters, and benches to cut around. And we had to work fast. In the end, it was so nice to be able to sit down on the giant tablecloth and enjoyed some catered food and watch the smiles on the tourists faces!!

 The only down side to the project was that I was hoping some recycling businesses would take this off my hands. No way. :( This was pretty disheartening and I had nowhere to store it, so we had to throw it in a pile behind the store and I'm sure it was hauled off to the dump.

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