Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Princess Noel

 I took an old medieval inspired costume made from silvery rayon fabric from the early 70's and cut it down into an 18th century inspired costume for the Shadowdance Fashion Show. This was the first full-on costume I ever made. It now has a new life and hopefully will find a new owner soon.

Ive been making quite a few of these little shortie corsets lately. Im working on a really pretty one for Unsinkable Molly. Contact me if you would like me to make you one. They are great to dance in. You get the upper stability of a corset and you can still move around with relative ease.

Model: Amber Burke
Hairpiece: FoolProof Studio
Eardrapes: Sandi's Ocean
Bindi:  Hi Beam Bindis

Hair and Makeup: Crops and Bobbers
Photo: Black Lotus Clothing

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Amens somnium said...

Looove youre Stuff!!!! Very beautiful:)