Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Labor Of Love

Its been a while since Ive blogged - so much has been going on! Ive been vending and working on backorders and trying to get into the spirit of Christmas .......but only made it as far as Solstice!

First of all, my new little granddaughter was born last saturday. Ivy Skye. Fabulous name if I do say so myself! And she's awfully cute. Hopefully I'll go see her early next year.

I mentioned before, that I wasnt going to be making baby clothes. But I caved because of all the cute little vintage childrens' patterns out there. And the baby needs to be decked out. I mean, she just does.

I dug into my remnant bins and came up with a lovely grey/brown silk velvet that was used once several years ago to make a wedding coat for a lovely woman I know. I used a bit of blue silk velvet for the trims and bonnet. I made self covered buttons. I used up some of my bits and bobs and came up with a pretty cute little outfit. I wasnt sure if it would even fit as we usually pop out pretty big babies, but shes's a wee 7 pounds 14 oz. So no worries there. And worse case scenerio, she'll have doll clothes.

Then I took some scraps of Ariellah's wedding dress and made a little dress that resembles a christening gown, although that was not my intention. With a little china silk, I made a little slip - and there you go.......

And I vowed I would never do it again! (but Im always saying that about things) Its hard making baby clothes!!!!!! All those little pieces! Some of the pattern pieces were missing, so I did my best. Not so crazy about the neckline on the dress, but the directions on the pattern made no sense whatsover. Still, its pretty and the photos dont do it justice. I used this pattern for the coat and bonnet. The dress pattern seems to have disapeared. We didnt like each other!

Im sure I'll find the time down the road to make Ivy something cute now and then, but this was truely a labor of love! There is a reason these designer baby clothes cost so much in the boutiques!!!!!!

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