Thursday, June 25, 2009

Devotion 2009

It is interesting that weaving and cloth and all things pertaining to it seem to be celebrated this month. Dancing as well. I was a silhouette - a mannequin behind the screen at the Devotion show. I mimed sewing and weaving as Ling Shien of Helm read a poem about life, women, weaving, and the encroaching shadow of age. Carolena wrapped her head wrap and prepared to dance. It was lovely.

This meant a lot to me as I owe much to Carolena Nericcio for having a road for me to go down at a time when I wasn't sure what road to take. I certainly took the right one as my life has been forever enriched by discipline, hard work and the fruits of said labors! Oh my god - I could never have done the things Ive done and met the people Ive met without dance. American Tribal Belly dance - ATS - brought me back to myself.

I had such a fun time - the best time I could imagine for being in a dance show and not actually dancing in it! And I'll be dancing at the Pride parade this Sunday morning with the students and some members of FatChanceBellyDance. Very low key and fun to participate in! Market and Beale. 9 am. Come dance with us! We open for Dykes On Bikes!

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