Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Im Up To This Fine Month of June

June has been an exciting month here in KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture world!
Every weekend has been filled with activity! Fairy parties, babies being born, wedding gown fittings, marriages both gay and straight, photo shoots, art shows, operas, cd parties, dance shows.......its been crazy fun!

And an ant invasion after a big spider invasion.

And now the air is so filled with smoke from California burning, that I feel like I'm walking in a sci-fi movie outside!

I'm also trying to make my garden grow. Its growing, but I don't think it likes the plastic pots I put it in. Oh, well. Live and learn. Its clay pots for next year! The flowers are going crazy though! And the pumpkins are spreading out fine!

I am waiting for a big order of stretch velvet so that I can start back up on getting these Sampants™ out for all the ladies who have ordered them! Ive got color samples coming as well. Tomorrow I'll head down to the fabric store for some special order colors that I know are available there.

No red, though. Oh, its around, but it is a little bit more than I can afford to manufacture Fluffie Rufflies™ with. If you want to pay retail prices, I can make you almost anything your heart desires. Just keep in mind that I will be charging my custom prices with this. I do have my beloved sources searching for good reds and fabulous fabrics for me, though. I keep all requests in a book with me at all times, and when I see something, I grab it when I can.

I have a table loaded with laces and fabrics to cut into Fluffies. There is no rest for the wicked and I have been very wicked in my day! I would have it no other way, either.

I also have a list of custom work that is needing my attention. Molly is out on vacation and I cant wait til she gets back!

I am back on Facebook again. Half the time I cant get on tribe - or it takes so long that Im onto something else by the time I can log on. I'm about to update my myspace page and I'm working on an order form which will hopefully make it much easier to process orders and not accidentally skip over someones email/order. At least, that it what I'm hoping will happen. There just has got to be a better way than how Ive been doing things.

Yesterday I went to visit Moonalisa and her baby in the hospital. She had a c-section. I'd never held a c-section baby before - it was absolutely perfect in every way! No bumps, lumps, or imperfections. Wow. So baby and mom are doing well, and she hopes to be filling orders again in August. I'm in need of some new potions and lotions and I wont go anywhere else!

Monday I meet with my tax guy who is going to set me on the straight and narrow and tell me what I need to do next with this business that is growing. I'm very scared as Ive got penance to pay. Oh, but who doesn't if you've lived a rich life! You know what they say about death and taxes....The rebel days of yore are over and its not cute anymore to live starvingly in a garret. Lets leave that to the young. I want caviar now. Is caviar pc anymore? No, I just want to live a healthy life and make people happy if I can along the way. And shoes. I want shoes.

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