Sunday, February 3, 2008

Edwardian Edward Gorey Ball

The Deranged Cousins
And it was truly filled with deranged cousins of all types and persuasions.
The entertainment for this 3 night ball was spectacular, although we we only attended the Saturday night ball which was sold out. Jill Tracey, Rosencoven, acrobats, circus folk, burlesque. Assorted scary, odd, macabre and just plain interesting installations, decorations, costumes galore. Eye candy everywhere!

Erling Wold emulating a Gorey cartoon cutout of one of his deranged cousins

You really cant see the Edwardian style corset that I am wearing - but this is how it looked by the end of the night.

Lynne Rutter Inspecting Erling's close shave. I think she and Erling were the epitomy of Edwardian Gorey splendor that night. I wish I could say that I made Erling's suit, but some other stitch whore made it ahead of me. Isn't it amazing? Lynne's waist cincher is my creation. Basic and black and great for any occasion.

Here we are - the motley crew of the Edwardian ball. Actually, the whole Great American Music Hall was one one huge motley crew. You should look up Edwardian ball on Flickr - the photographs are magnificent and give the flavor of the evening much more spectacularly than I ever could. It was nice to be surrounded by so many of my creations. Almost everyone I was hanging out with that night was wearing something I made or rehashed. So fab. It was great.

Holding up the post in a saucy wench way. Cant take me anywhere.
In my defence, I had very little time to throw something together.
And sometimes, those are the most pleasing costumes of all!

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